Passion Tree unveils innovative mini hard seltzer cans

A selection of Passion Tree mini seltzer cans and 6 packs

Passion Tree, the eco-friendly hard seltzer company from Southern California, has introduced the first-ever mini hard seltzer cans — Passion Tree Minis. 

Passion Tree believe their new fun-sized options bridge the gap between non-alcoholic and low-ABV beverages by focusing on portion size.  

Passion Tree Minis are served in a signature mini-sized can of 7.5oz., officially rolled-out through all Target stores across California, Florida, Illinois, Texas and New York. 

Passion Tree also announced the launch of two new flavours exclusive to minis: coconut and lychee. 

The new editions are available in a mini variety 10-pack. With their compact size, signature light carbonation, premium brewing process, gluten-free and kosher certification, and at 70 calories per can, these mini hard seltzers could disrupt the market in a huge way.

“It’s cool to see how the minis not only cater to a vast number of health-conscious consumers but also how it invigorates the market with a novel, enjoyable option. Our focus now is expanding distribution, as we think everyone should have a chance to enjoy a chilled Passion Tree mini,” says Garrett Olsen, CEO of Passion Tree. 

At its core, Passion Tree is founded on celebrating passions and contributing to environmental well-being. With every pack sold, one tree is planted, reinforcing their slogan: “mini Can. Big Impact.” Passion Tree has already planted over 52,000 trees in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, and their commitment to a greener planet continues to grow with the launch of their mini line.

Passion Tree minis are offered in five exotic flavours: guava, dragon fruit, boysenberry, and the two new flavours, coconut and lychee. All mini variants come in a 7.5-oz can, boast a 5.5% ABV, are 70 Calories, GF, kosher and available for purchase at Target in their variety 10-pack and Guava 6-pack or Coconut 6-pack. 

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