Ralph’s Coffee debuts ready-to-drink cans

Announced on Ralph’s Coffee’s Instagram account, the cold brew will be available in 9-ounce cans starting in early November.

Made in collaboration with La Colombe, the same partner that roasts the coffee for Ralph’s retail locations, the cold brew comes in one style: black and unsweetened. In addition to being available online, People reports that the ready-to-drink coffee can also be purchased at Ralph’s Coffee locations and in some Ralph Lauren clothing stores. The online store currently only has a 24-pack for sale at $110, but the single cans and four packs will soon be options in stores at $6 a can.

According to the Ralph Lauren website, the La Colombe-crafted cold brew is a single-origin coffee made with 100% Arabica beans, which have been sustainably sourced from South America. It’s described as having a “bold, nutty flavour with notes of chocolate and malt,” and has a smooth finish due to a double filtering process.

The unsweetened, black style means it can be poured out and customised however coffee drinkers prefer. Coming from La Colombe, the ready-to-drink beverage has a great pedigree, as the independent Philadelphia roaster already makes some of the most popular canned coffee on the market, including its unique Draft Latte.

Ralph’s Coffee has become a hip spot not just for its aesthetics, but as a way to experience Ralph Lauren’s luxurious designer eateries without the typical expense. Ralph’s locations have been paired with the brand’s restaurants, like RL in Chicago and The Polo Bar in New York, so they can also offer some food and desserts from those kitchens.

The launch of these new cold brew cans pushes that level of accessibility just that much further, although they are still pricey compared to other canned coffees. But Ralph’s wouldn’t have stayed as popular as it is on looks alone, and, with a respected partner in La Colombe, it should be a nice option for a high-end cold brew at home.

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