Shaq stars in Pepsi mini cans advert

Pepsi is continuing its 125th anniversary celebration by reuniting with Shaquille O’Neal – whose countless Pepsi commercials delighted and wowed consumers throughout the 90’s – with a brand new commercial that highlights Pepsi Mini Cans as the perfect pairing for snack and mealtime occasions. 

In the new spot, Shaq wishes he was “a little bit smaller” when faced with the everyday perils of his larger-than-life size, to celebrate that Pepsi Mini Cans are always the perfect size.

The spot – titled “I Wish” – shows Shaq in various environments where a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t exactly work: from sitting comfortably in airplanes, to fitting in a bed properly without his feet hanging off, or just casually walking through doorways. 

The spot’s emotion and humour are heightened thanks to a cameo appearance from Skee-Lo, who lays down updated lyrics to parody his famous 1995 hip-hop hit, “I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller.” 

Drawing inspiration from past Pepsi and Shaq work – especially the “Big Slam” spot from 1994 – the amusing juxtaposition of a larger-than-life Shaq lamenting life’s smaller situations doesn’t stop him from showing love to Pepsi Mini Cans, proving that despite their small stature, Pepsi Minis are just right for any occasion.

“As a longtime partner of the brand, I always have a great time working with Pepsi. It was incredibly fun to create the ‘I Wish’ commercial, showing how things could be better if I were indeed a little bit smaller,” said Shaquille O’Neal. “With Pepsi Mini Cans, I can enjoy every sip and appreciate the little things in life.”

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