Canned beverages recognised at Consumer Marketing Awards

Two canned drinks businesses have been celebrated for their packaging and marketing at The Consumer Marketing Awards (CMA Awards), produced by Consumer Product Events. 

In the first annual award program that lauds marketers for their excellent work, Liquid Death soft drinks and Gorgie energy drink were recognised. The annual awards program highlights the best and brightest consumer packaged goods marketing campaigns and are judged by legendary professionals in the industry. 

Energy drink Gorgie was awarded Best Social Media Campaign. Gorgie, launched by a fashion executive who translated high fashion fandom into a stratospheric social media presence,  won for their exceptionally robust early-adopter social media lauch. 

Canned water purveyors Liquid Death were recgonised for their tagline in the Best Tagline category. Winning the award for their ‘Murder Your Thirst’ campaign. 

In a groundbreaking move, the entry fees for the award program benefit a scholarship for students in entrepreneurship programs in universities across the U.S. An initial $5000 was seeded courtesy of Los Angeles-based Kearny Real Estate company. Submissions for the 2024 awards are now open; marketers are invited to apply at this link.

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