Loverboy debuts non-alcoholic sparkling teas

Premium RTD brand Loverboy is launching non-alcoholic versions of two of its original sparkling tea flavours. 

The new alcohol-free additions to the Loverboy range come in two flavours –  White Tea Peach and Lemon Iced Tea. Each are made with zero sugar and are low in calories and carbs. 

Loverboy leaned into its two original flavours for its first non-alcoholic teas to give its millions of fans an alcohol-free option that doesn’t skimp on flavour or sparkle. 

“Our new Non-Alcoholic White Tea Peach and Non-Alcoholic Lemon Iced Tea flavours are made for people who like to keep the party going in moderation and maintain a healthy lifestyle,” says Kyle Cooke, Loverboy’s CEO and founder. 

“While top non-alcoholic beers clock in upwards of 12g of carbs and 50 calories per can, and RTD mocktails regularly exceed 8g of sugar per can, we’re staying true to the Loverboy taste our fans love with clean ingredients, no sugar and minimal carbs.”

As an exclusive offer for fans eager for a first taste, the first 50 people to buy a pack of Loverboy Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Tea will be invited to join a virtual happy hour in January.

Both Loverboy Non-Alcoholic White Tea Peach and Non-Alcoholic Lemon Iced Tea are now available in 12-packs for $32.99 

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