Meadow & DRT – Manufacturing solutions together

Join us for a special episode, as we welcome Meadow and DRT, fresh off their Gold awards at the recent Canmaker Summit.

Most household products come in linear single-use packaging made of non-recyclable material. The Meadow Closed Loop Packaging System, with its infinitely recyclable aluminium can paired with a reusable dispenser, is able to deliver personal care products and other consumables in a convenient and truly environmentally friendly package.

The circular solution reduces the demand for virgin mate-rial, increasing PCR (post-consumer recycled) content eliminating waste streams such as landfill, incineration and leakage in nature.

Meadow has sought collaboration with DRT, providing Meadow with an end manufacturing solution that can be made at scale for the consumer market. The Daisy Top opening is simple to use, but its production requires aerospace precision to achieve reliability at industry-standard speeds of up to 3,000 units per minute.

In today’s episode we host a roundtable discussion with some of the individuals that have brought this concept to life:

From Meadow we welcome its co-founder Nick Paget, and from DRT Metal Packaging we have President Larry Churchwell, Brandon Rinehart, vice president innovation, and WillHoffman, vice president sales & marketing.

But before we begin, we must give special mention to our sponsors PPG, their range of innovative solutions help protect and beautify the world.

Now onto today’s show.

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