Vinca unveils new range of wine in AMP cans

Vinca has launched a new series of its organic wine range from Sicily in 187ml cans from Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMP). 

The wine is produced from organic grapes grown on the west coast of Sicily. Vinca’s wines have won countless awards in the UK, received listings with British Airways and Planet Organic and are now exporting to more than ten countries around the world.

Vinca’s 187 ml single-serve cans are filled by canning experts Los Bucaneros who operate both mobile and fixed canning operations in France and Iberia. Henry Blackmann, founder of Los Bucaneros, and his team of passionate beverage experts manage the entire canning process, from helping customers to analyse the product to optimising the quality before and after packaging.

The elegant designs of the Vinca wine cans were developed in partnership with Vinca’s designers and AMP’s graphics team. From colour selection (including solid colours, half-tones, transitions and text legibility) to proof cans and final high-speed production, all production processes were executed to perfection for a striking visual result. 

AMP’s graphics team, based in La Ciotat, France efficiently turned the Vinca designs around in a timely manner to secure a perfectly-timed launch to market.

AMP’s Wine Can range meets all wine market needs for single-serve formats in a modern and sustainable way. Lightweight, safe, and endlessly recyclable aluminium beverage cans are optimal for transportation, in-store storage and handling, point of sale refrigeration. Totally airtight, AMP’s Wine Cans preserve the quality of the wine across the supply chain and through to every consumption occasion. Wine cans are also increasingly popular in airlines and hospitality sectors.

The Wine in cans market has been continuously developing over the last five years with a 10% average CAGR* (Compound Annual Growth Rate). Beverage cans are now fully recognised as an integral and pivotal element of any wine packaging mix.

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