Good Time Brewing Company no-alcohol beer available direct-to-consumer  

The brand successfully debuted in New York City in autumn 2023 with a curated list of establishments such as Veselka and Attaboy, and is now available for at-home enjoyment. Nationwide shipping through is accessible just in time for Dry January.

Mikey McFerran, creator of Good Time Brewing and founder of NYC’s The Spaniard, was inspired to enter the fast-emerging non-alcoholic brewing market following the birth of his son with a congenital heart defect in 2020. This life-changing experience led him to create a versatile and enjoyable non-alcoholic alternative for all occasions.

“We have no interest in creating a moral message about drinking or not. We’re modernising non-alcoholic beer’s image, crafting appealing options for all, even seasoned drinkers,” says McFerran. “There’s no catch … you can commit to non alcoholic beers for a while, dry January, or simply swap one out for your third drink of the night. It’s meant to be an easy choice.”

In a growing market where U.S. non-alcoholic beer increased by 30% in 2022 and is projected to rise by 20% in 2024 (Nielsen IQ), Good Time Brewing provides an alternative to non-alcoholic brands targeting athletes or wellness enthusiasts. It caters to everyone who values the experience of savouring a cold beer, whether at a bar, concert, game, or simply relaxing at home. With direct-to-consumer shipping, Good Time Brewing ensures beer enthusiasts nationwide have access to their non-alcoholic brew.

Emphasising quality, Good Time Brewing ensures every can resembles a traditional (full-alcohol content) beer. Head Brewer Dylan Collins crafts the N/A IPA, delivering an intense yet approachable “West Coast Hazy” IPA with a balanced bitterness akin to West Coast styles and a softer, fuller body reminiscent of Hazy/New England styles. The hop profile combines citrus, resinous, and stone-fruit notes. This ‘hybrid’ style aims to entice beer enthusiasts and pave the way for more experimentation in the realm of non-alcoholic beer

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