Innovus Engineering deliver new lowerator machine

Innovus Engineering has delivered the first of itss newly developed LWR-F lowerator
machines. A lowerator is an adaptable and cost-effective alternative to using a can twist to move
cans from a depalletiser to the canning machine.

The key advantage is that swapping between standard, slim and sleek cans takes just seconds, with no tools required, a task that would otherwise involve swapping out expensive and fragile can twists – a complex and time-consuming task, especially when production pressure is on.

The LWR-F features inverter driven motors for adjustable speed control, and incorporates a can rinse, drip tray and drain hose to further increase automation of the line. Like all Innovus products, construction is all stainless steel, with Siemens controls, and food grade machined plastic components.

A safety interlocked polycarbonate enclosure keeps operators safe and protects the machine from dirt ingress.

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