Craft Beverage Warehouse to install second aluminium can printing line

Craft Beverage Warehouse (CBW) is aiming to double its revenue by installing a second multimillion-dollar digital print-to-aluminium can line to Milwaukee’s Century City Business Park.

Craft Beverage Warehouse, spearheaded by Stephens and Michael DeGrave, was established in 2020 in Milwaukee to offer affordable packaging materials to small and mid-sized craft beverage producers, including craft breweries. 

The decision to invest in a second digital canning line was prompted by the escalating demand for the company’s products. This innovative German-made printing machine will allow Craft Beverage Warehouse to print labels directly onto aluminium cans.

Co-founder and VP of Business Development Michael DeGrave said, “This investment into a second print line will be key in feeding the growth we have seen over the past six to nine months. It will allow us to continue providing our current customers with fantastic service and manageable lead times, which really sets us apart in the industry. With the additional output, we will continue expanding our business by focusing on new customers in nearby markets.”

Craft Beverage Warehouse began digital can printing in 2022 when they installed their first printing line. They hope this expansion will allow them to cater to brands who are looking to diversity their product portfolios. 

“The pandemic supply chain crunch has come to an end, but now beverage brands are looking to differentiate themselves on the shelf and direct-to-can digital printing is one way to do that, especially for new brands. The quality and shelf-appeal that we provide coupled with our focus on customer service is unmatched in the marketplace” added Kyle Stephens, Co-founder and President of CBW.

The funding for acquiring the second canning line is secured through loans obtained from Educators Credit Union and the Milwaukee Economic Development Corp. This strategic investment is projected to create six to eight new full-time positions within Craft Beverage Warehouse over the upcoming year.

As Craft Beverage Warehouse continues to evolve, Stephens anticipates the operational launch of the second canning line by the end of May. However, this expansion comes with the sacrifice of some warehousing space, necessitating meticulous planning and optimization of existing resources. Stephens acknowledges the need for additional offsite warehouse space in the short term to accommodate this transition effectively.

With the imminent arrival of the second digital canning line, Craft Beverage Warehouse sets its sights on doubling its production volume and, consequently, its revenue. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to scaling its operations while remaining responsive to the dynamic needs of its clientele.

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