ASI welcomes GLS Foils as production and transformation member

ASI has announced GLS Aluminium Industries Pvt Ltd as a new production and transformation member.

GLS Aluminium Industries Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of the GLS group, which works across flexible packaging, polyester films and aluminium foils.

GLS Aluminium Industries Pvt Ltd is engaged in the manufacturing of aluminium foil for various applications, including flexible packaging in both food and non-food applications, as well as pharmaceutical applications and industrial usage.

The manufacturing facility is located near India’s National Capital Region and well connected for fastest connectivity & prompt service. Their state of the art manufacturing unit is equipped with machines chosen to provide innovative and sustainable foil solutions. The group has visions to integrate the existing site to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable aluminium foil solutions globally.

GLS group and its subsidiaries are poised for emerging business trends that require commitment towards the environment, sustainability, and social responsibility as a prerequisite. The group emphasises responsible business wherein all business processes, from sourcing to delivering the goods to customers, are analysed for their socio-ecological impacts. GLS and ASI can synergise their commitment to achieving this common goal of a better future.

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