Jason Galley – Tackling the metal packaging sector

In today’s episode we welcome Jason Galley, who is director and chief executive of the
Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association.

During this episode we discuss with Galley the state of play in the UK metal packaging sector.
We outline the complexities involved in terms of EPR and how Jason plans to tackle a variety
of multi-layered challenges and opportunities facing the organisation in 2024.

Beginning his career as a metallurgist at Carnaud Metal Box (now Crown Holdings Inc) and
holding subsequent senior positions at companies including American National Can, Alcan
Packaging, Aerocan, as well as 12 years at Ball Corporation, Jason has 33 years’ industry
experience in the metal packaging industry.

He has worked across many steel and aluminium packaging sectors including beverage, food, pharmaceutical, household, and personal care. He also brings a wealth of experience in operations and sustainability.

But before we begin, we must give special mention to our sponsors PPG, their range of
innovative solutions help protect and beautify the world.

Now onto today’s show.

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