PETA protest over cans of coconut milk

PETA is set to protest outside Whole Foods on Sunday in response to their continued sale of coconut milk from Thailand. 

Coconut milk from Thailand has been linked to forced monkey labour. Other retailers including Aldi have stopped sourcing coconut milk from the country after investigations from PETA revealed animal abuse. 

In a press release, PETA announced its plan to stage a protest made up of PETA “monkeys” dressed in prisoner garb outside a local Whole Foods store. They will dump fake blood from spoof Thai coconut milk cans emblazoned with “Cruel Foods” labels to call out the grocery giant. This stunt has been successful internationally and has resulted in multiple retailers re-sourcing their coconut milk. 

“By continuing to sell Thai coconut milk, Whole Foods is signing off on the abuse of an endangered species, willfully propping up an industry that kidnaps monkeys, chains them, and treats them as nothing more than coconut-picking machines,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA is calling on Whole Foods to prove it’s not morally bankrupt by selling coconut milk only from countries where monkey labour isn’t used, such as India and the Philippines.”

Multiple companies that produce coconut milk sold at Whole Foods were named by industry workers in a PETA Asia investigation as having used coconuts obtained via monkey labour. HelloFresh, Purple Carrot, and Performance Food Group have stopped sourcing coconut milk from Thailand following PETA’s exposé, as have international companies such as Aldi, ASDA, and Lidl.

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