Wild Goose Filling launches new canning machines

Wild Goose Filling, U.S. manufacturer of canning and bottling systems for beverage producers worldwide, has released their Spirit line of canning machines. 

Spirit canning systems allow distilleries to package carbonated cocktails, still liquor and other high-proof and ready-to-drink beverages. 

The line of distillery-focused equipment includes two new fully automated Wild Goose canning systems: the Gosling Spirit and the Evolution Series Spirit. With growing supply of the single serve 100 millilitre steel can format as well as improved availability of all sizes of aluminium cans, the Spirit line opens new opportunities for craft distilleries. 

“We have seen a lot of parallels between craft distilleries and craft breweries,” said Dan Welch, general manager of Wild Goose Filling. 

“Wild Goose was a pioneer in craft beer canning, selling our first systems to brewers in 2011. Now, with the availability of smaller can sizes suited for spirits, similar demand is emerging in the craft distilling space. 

“Although canned cocktails and liquor are on the periphery of mainstream sales right now, this an increasingly viable format for the future.” 

The Gosling Spirit system offers entry-level packaging for small batches in 100-millilitre cans. At speeds up to 14 cans per minute, the system provides simple operation and maintenance with an affordable price point. Wild Goose has launched the Gosling Spirit with a distinctive design that features an all-black exterior with smoked guarding.    

For faster speeds, the new Evolution Series Spirit builds on the foundation of Wild Goose’s best-selling Evolution Series line used by more than 1,400 breweries and craft beverage producers around the world. The Evolution Series Spirit system provides upgradeability on the same platform and accommodates multiple can formats, including 100-millilitre steel cans alongside a range of traditional aluminium can sizes. The system is designed for higher-volume distilleries and co-packaging facilities, as well as other settings where can size flexibility and speed are imperative. 

“Cans present a new one-serving selling format for distilleries,” said Welch. “Cans are portable and infinitely recyclable, a perfect option where plastic or glass may not be suitable or sustainable,” said Welch. “The eco-friendly packaging, responsible sizes and differentiation from bottles give craft distilleries an edge in distinguishing themselves and expanding their sellable portfolio of products.”

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