Aerosol cans market predicted to surpass 13 billion by 2032

The aerosol cans market size is predicted to reach more than $13 billion by 2032 as per a recent study by Global Market Insights Inc.

The industry growth is driven by the increasing consumer demand for convenient and portable packaging solutions. They are used across various sectors, including personal care, household, and automotive industries. Aerosol packaging offers ease of use, precise dispensing, and longer shelf life, making it a preferred choice for consumers seeking practicality in their everyday products. Moreover, technological advancements, such as improved propellants and valve systems, contribute to the enhanced performance and safety of aerosol products, further driving market growth.

Additionally, the rise of e-commerce and the expansion of distribution networks facilitate greater accessibility to aerosol products. The growing environmental awareness and regulatory initiatives to reduce carbon emissions are encouraging manufacturers to focus on developing eco-friendly aerosol formulations and adopt sustainable packaging practices. In June 2022, Ball Corp. launched an aluminum aerosol can with low carbon footprint. The sustainable aluminum aerosol can was designed with 50% recycled content and was made available to customers globally.

Lower environmental impact of liquified gas propellants

Aerosol cans market from liquified gas propellants segment is poised for sustained growth through 2032, as they offer higher efficiency, greater stability, and lower cost. These propellants provide the necessary pressure to dispense effectively while maintaining product’s integrity and performance. Moreover, LGPs enable manufacturers to create aerosol formulations with a wide range of viscosities and consistencies, allowing for versatility in product design and application. Also, these propellants are non-ozone-depleting and have a lower environmental impact compared to chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellants.

Increasing usage in pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical segment is slated to generate considerable demand through 2032, driven by advancements in pharmaceutical formulations and drug delivery systems. Aerosol cans provide a convenient and efficient means of administering various pharma products, including inhalers for respiratory conditions, topical sprays for pain relief, and nasal sprays for allergy treatment. Moreover, the increasing prevalence of chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), drives the adoption of aerosol-based medications, as they provide effective symptom relief and improved quality of life for patients.

Stringent regulations to push North America market growth

North America aerosol cans market share is touted to surge at a rapid pace through 2032, attributed to the region’s robust manufacturing sector and strong consumer demand for aerosol-packaged products. These cans offer convenience, portability, and precise dispensing, making them popular across various sectors such as personal care, household, automotive, and healthcare. Moreover, stringent regulations and sustainability initiatives promote the use of eco-friendly aerosol formulations and recyclable packaging materials, fostering regional industry growth.

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