Ball releases 2023 Combined Report

Ball Corporation has released its 2023 Combined Report, which provides stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of how environmental, social and economic performance are driving value across the business.

“Following the divestment of our aerospace business, this past year presented an opportunity for us to clearly declare who we are as a focused aluminium packaging sustainability leader with an expansive product portfolio,” said Dan Fisher, chairman and CEO of Ball Corporation. 

“We embark on our next chapter with vigour and a relentless focus on delivering value by leveraging the full extent of our manufacturing expertise, winning operationally by prioritising efficiency, and forging lasting customer relationships by actively listening to our customers’ needs and partnering with them to make a difference.”

The Combined Report details Ball’s global portfolio of aluminium cans and bottles that serve the needs of its beverage, personal care and household products customers as they seek innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. 

By focusing on leveraging aluminium’s inherent properties of recyclability, circularity and unmatched durability, Ball delivers packaging solutions that meet customer needs and advance their sustainability and climate goals, as well as Ball’s own.

In anticipation of greater demand for sustainable aluminium packaging, Ball has also taken actions to fully leverage the benefits of its scale, agility and efficiency to ensure a robust and sustainable product supply for customers over the near- and long-term. 

While contributing trends will vary each year, we are encouraged by the actions taken by our value chain partners to implement measures that continue making progress towards Ball’s Climate Transition Plan, our comprehensive science-based decarbonisation plan focusing on achieving critical emissions reductions by 2030.

“The Climate Transition Plan is our pathway for transforming our organisation into a fully circular and decarbonised business that delivers sustainability at scale for our customers, shareholders, and all other stakeholders,” said Ramon Arratia, chief sustainability officer of Ball Corporation. 

“We are making measurable progress toward achieving our 2030 goals while also building a strong network of diverse partners to advance circularity within the industry.”  

The 2023 Combined Report demonstrates Ball’s long-term commitment to driving innovation, increasing operational efficiency and prioritising its people and culture as foundational components to its success.

Report Highlights include:

  • Strong 2023 financial performance, plans to use aerospace sale net proceeds of approximately $4.5 billion and free cash flow to significantly deleverage and accelerate return of value to shareholders in 2024 and beyond.
  • Ball investments which strategically position the company to deliver ongoing value to stakeholders and provide customers with the sustainable solutions they need.
  • For the first time, more than half (58%) of Ball’s global electricity usage came from renewable sources, with 100% for its beverage packaging plants in the U.S.; cutting Ball’s global Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions in half compared to the previous year.
  • Ball continues to work with suppliers to increase the recycled content of its products and achieved a global beverage packaging average of 70% recycled content, up 4% from the prior year.
  • Driven by increased renewable electricity coverage, higher recycled content and various other dynamics, Ball achieved significant year-over-year reductions (-29%) in Ball’s absolute greenhouse gas emissions (Scopes 1-3).
  • By the end of 2023, 100% of Ball’s rolling mill suppliers were members of the Aluminum Stewardship Initiative (ASI), and 21% of metal procured in 2023 was ASI-certified metal.
  • In 2023, Ball published the second edition of its 50 States of Recycling Report which reaffirms the critical role policy plays in ensuring high recycling rates.
  • After implementing a new global program, policies and training, Total Recordable Incident Rates reduced by 12% since 2022.
  • Ball invested over $5.2 million USD in supporting its global communities, employees spent over 38,000 hours volunteering, and Ball responded to 20 natural disasters across 10 countries.
  • In 2023, Ball introduced its expanded global diversity and inclusion goals and continued to advance diverse representation on its executive leadership team and board of directors.

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