Ireland’s deposit return scheme collects over 5.6m drinks containers

Re-turn, Ireland’s Deposit Return Scheme has now collected over 5.6 million drinks containers since its launch on 1 February, with the first ten days of March reporting returns of over 3.6 million drinks containers alone.

Ireland returned 2 million drinks containers in the entire month of February – it has already collected 3.6 million in the first 10 days of March, with nearly 1 million drinks containers returned over the weekend.

This collection figure shows the Scheme’s growing momentum and the community’s strong support for sustainable recycling efforts. With over 1.9 million transactions now recorded and over 2300 Reverse Vending Machines now accessible across the country, the Scheme is advancing towards Ireland’s recycling targets.

Ciaran Foley, CEO of Re-turn, commented on consumer support and the levels of returns over the last few weeks: “We are delighted with the number of plastic bottles and cans being returned by consumers nationwide and it shows the support for this initiative. We’ve gone from collecting thousands of bottles a day to now bringing back hundreds of thousands. It’s a clear sign that our efforts to encourage recycling and support Ireland’s environmental goals are resonating.”

The Scheme, which is a pivotal part of Ireland’s strategy to meet and exceed EU recycling targets, has seen a significant uptake in participation, setting a positive trajectory for future collections and environmental impact.

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