‘Munch, scrunch, recycle!’ this Easter, says Alupro

Alupro, the aluminium packaging recycling organisation, is hopping into spring with the launch of its latest Easter-themed Munch, Scrunch, Recycle promotional campaign. Aimed at local authorities, the programme will encourage residents to think more carefully about their waste this Easter.

Each year, around 80 million Easter eggs are bought in the UK, most of which are wrapped in recyclable aluminium foil. This week, as part of the campaign, Alupro will encourage local authorities to download a library of social media images and animations – available in English and Welsh – to promote responsible recycling.

The assets, available to download from the Alupro website, are designed to encourage residents to scrunch and recycle their foil after enjoying their Easter treats.

Tom Giddings, executive director at Alupro, commented: “Easter is a time for celebration and indulgence, but with foil packaging used to protect Easter eggs each year, it’s also important to remember to dispose of our waste responsibly.

“Aluminium packaging is infinitely recyclable, and with a little scrunch, it can be transformed into something new. By encouraging  the public to recycle their aluminium packaging this Easter, local authorities can help protect our environment and ensure this valuable resource stays in use for longer.”

For more information about Alupro or its latest campaigns, visit www.alupro.org.uk.

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