Source Global announces launch of aluminium bottled water

SOURCE Global has announced the launch of SKY WTR by SOURCE, a first-of-its-kind, non-extractive, sustainably sourced bottled water produced by technology that generates renewable drinking water using only sun and air.

Re-defining a much-needed category in the bottled water industry, at a time when the world needs to rethink how we consume finite resources, SKY WTR represents a critical sustainability advancement for the $350 billion bottled water industry.

Since 1993, more than 2150 gigatons of groundwater has been pumped from Earth. Many experts believe that global freshwater demand will exceed supply by 40% as soon as 2030. Unlike traditional bottled water, which is extracted from finite resources like reservoirs, springs and streams, Source Hydropanels produce SKY WTR using only sunlight and air, no electricity is required.

The patented technology uses solar energy to power fans that draw in air and push it through water-absorbing material. This process passively turns water vapor into perfect-quality drinking water that’s mineralized for health and taste.

SKY WTR represents a commitment by the Scottsdale, Arizona-based company to meet consumer demand for a truly sustainable bottled water option. SKY WTR will make sustainable drinking water available to consumers at retail locations across the country.

Homeowners in California and Arizona who want a sustainable drinking water option for their home, can pre-order a residential version of the technology that creates SKY WTR. Visit, to learn more. SOURCE global vice president of marketing, Ashley Hower believes SKY WTR will showcase hydropanel technology.

“SKY WTR is a game-changer,” Hower said. “It will give consumers a sustainable, non-extractive bottled water option that’s truly unique. The same SOURCE technology that leapfrogs infrastructure and provides drinking water to people who need it around the world, will be a positive disruptor in an industry that desperately needs it.”

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