Red Bull has vibrant new can design

Red Bull has launched its Summer Edition with vibrant new can design.

The limited-time-only Red Bull Summer Edition is now available at Walmart and will be available nationwide from 29 April.

Red Bull is getting audiences ready for summer with the introduction of its newest flavour, Red Bull Summer Edition Curuba Elderflower. 

This new offering delivers the benefits of Red Bull Energy Drink with a burst of curuba, citrus, melon, and an elderflower finish.

The energy drink giant is encouraging fans of the familiar Red Bull Buzz to get creative with their cocktails using the new summer flavour. 

Red Bull Summer Edition Curuba Elderflower comes in a vibrant chartreuse can and is available in 8.4 fl oz and 12 fl oz sizes, as a single serving or in a 4-pack, while supplies last.

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