SpecMetrix Systems and BetterCans launch collaboration and development agreement

Two recognised metal packaging industry leaders reached an agreement today on an innovative collaboration and development alliance that brings the most precise film weight and coating thickness data available together with industry-leading aluminium can manufacturing expertise to help improve global 2-PC aluminium beverage container manufacturing processes.

The new alliance between Sensory Analytics and BetterCans is designed to enable canmakers to better utilise highly precise and impactful data from SpecMetrix systems to drive production and coating application process optimisation initiatives. Award-winning SpecMetrix ACS systems produce instant, actionable, and precise coating thickness and film weight data for all applied container coatings. With their decades of hands-on canmaking experience, the BetterCans team can work together with plant teams to suggest and implement meaningful coating process improvements based on that data to improve container quality and reduce plant conversion costs.

According to Greg Frisby, global industry manager of SpecMetrix Systems at Sensory, “We are excited to bring meaningful impacts and immediate benefit to canmakers through this innovative alliance. The BetterCans team are all highly experienced canmakers that cover the entire beverage canmaking line. The potential for immediate improvements and impacts for canmaking plants being delivered by two best-in-class solution providers is tremendous. All our valued SpecMetrix ACS system customers stand to gain significantly from this new value-added opportunity. Together with BetterCans, we expect to change film weight measurement from a regular plant expense into a new can plant profit centre”

Domingo R. Gonzalez, president and founder of BetterCans, LLC added, “SpecMetrix measurement systems deliver an unprecedented level of actionable data of benefit to the canmaking process. Through our decades of canmaking expertise and hands-on experience, our proven team is uniquely qualified to guide plant and corporate teams to process improvements based on this data that has never been available before. We welcome the opportunity to enhance the quality, performance, and operational efficiency of canmaking lines together with the SpecMetrix systems team.”

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