Canpack cans to commemorate music festival

Zywiec Brand has marked the anniversary of its Meskie Granie music festival with a special collection of cans from Canpack.

Every summer, thousands of music fans flock to Poland’s Męskie Granie festival tour, one of the high points in the country’s cultural calendar. Started 15 years ago by the Żywiec brand the event tours several major cities starting in the brewery’s home town.

Męskie Granie brings together headline acts and upcoming talent from across the Polish music scene. Collaboration between artists and genres is what it’s all about. Each year an ‘orchestra’ of the best performers creates a new anthem that inevitably becomes a nationwide hit.

This year, Żywiec beer will appear in a special collection of cans featuring images of music artists associated with the festival created by a well-known contemporary artist – Andrzej Pagowski –celebrated for his unique graphic style.

As Ewa Stefanowicz, Żywiec Brand Manager, explains: “The Żywiec brand has been a patron of Polish culture for years. We collaborate not just with musicians, but with designers from the visual arts too.”

“On this special anniversary of Męskie Granie, we’re happy that we could invite Andrzej Pągowski to work with us. His designs perfectly fit the culture-forming role of the Żywiec brand. This will bring us even closer to consumers, not only at the festival, but also on the shelf in stores across the country.”

The project involved a three-way cooperation between CANPACK, Żywiec and Artegence Agency, the author of the concept. Thanks to some open-minded teamwork, the best possible use was made of both creative input and unique printing techniques.

The cans were produced by CANPACK using the company’s Quadromix technology, which allows four different designs to be printed in one production run.

Michał Schilbach, Global marketing manager at CANPACK adds: “Close collaboration was the key to this project. By involving us at the early concept stage, we were able to support the creative process from the printing technology side, as well as leverage our advanced testing capabilities, ensuring
a best-in-class execution. The result is a unique collection of cans that tell the story of the brand with real creative impact”.

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