DTE celebrates expansion with new HQ  

DTE, the Icelandic chemical analysis innovator, has announced its relocation to a new state-of-the-art headquarters on the outskirts of Reykjavik, marking a significant new growth phase.

The company, a deep-tech innovator in the real-time analysis of molten metals, can now rely on new and enhanced facilities that provide ample space to expand production and accommodate the company’s ambitious growth plans.

The impressive new headquarters feature a dedicated laboratory for molten metal testing, where the analytical ranges of DTE’s state-of-the-art chemical analysers is continuously being expanded to cover additional elements and alloy types. Furthermore, the new facilities will allow DTE to further intensify its research into aluminium melt kinetics in collaboration with industrial partners, research institutions, and universities, in Iceland and overseas. 

“This move is an exciting new stage for DTE, marking not only how far the company has come, but also our ambitious plans for the future”, says Karl Matthíasson, CEO & Founder of DTE. “With our new laboratory facilities and mechanical workshop fully operational as of this month, we are poised for accelerated growth, putting our innovative solutions at the forefront of the wider metals industry” Karl added.

In the past six months, DTE has welcomed a series of new appointments and promotions within the team, bringing the total headcount to 50. Organisational changes in preparation for the next stages of company growth have seen the recent appointment of two new board members and four new executives to the team.

In its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and pioneering leadership, DTE has strengthened its team with the appointment of Sigríður Olgeirsdóttir as the new chairman of the board. With a distinguished track record of leading cross-industry businesses both domestically and internationally, Sigríður brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience to her new role. Additionally, DTE welcomes Sophie Froment as a new board member. With her vast experience in human relations and people development, Sophie brings fresh perspectives and invaluable insights to the board, reflective of the company’s values and vision for the future.

Four new directors round off the company’s recent staff growth, paving the way for future developments.

  • Iðunn Arnardóttir has assumed the position of Director of Engineering.
  • Björgvin Benediktsson has taken over as Director of Operations.
  • Vésteinn Sveinsson has been appointed Director of Software Development.
  • Davíð M. Daníelsson recently joined DTE as the Director of Product Management.

“We warmly welcome all new members to the team,” said Karl Matthíasson. “Their diverse backgrounds and wealth of experience will be instrumental as we navigate the next phase of our journey. At DTE, we embrace diversity as a driving force for innovation and excellence, fostering a culture where individuals thrive and innovation is celebrated.”

At the forefront of driving digital transformation within the aluminium industry, DTE’s innovative solutions enable continuous monitoring and optimisation of the production process using near real-time chemical analysis of molten metals. With specialists in software development and engineering bolstering the company’s talent pool and plans to expand delivery, product and support teams further, DTE aims to expedite the development of its next-generation devices, tailoring them to meet the evolving demands of the market and exceed customer expectations.

For more information about DTE, please visit: https://www.dte.ai/ 

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