Alcoa to restart capacity at aluminium smelter

European Aluminium

Alcoa Corp announced on Monday its plans to reactivate 35,000 metric tons of long-dormant capacity at its Portland aluminium smelter in Australia.

This move will increase the plant’s operation to approximately 95% of its total capacity, addressing the current tight supply of the metal.

The reactivation process, involving capacity that has been inactive since 2009, will commence immediately, with metal production expected to begin in the third quarter of 2022, according to Alcoa.

“Restarting the idle capacity improves the smelter’s cost structure, competitiveness, and longer-term sustainability,” stated Alcoa Australia President Michael Gollschewski.

Aluminium prices soared to a 13-year peak in October due to production limitations in China, the largest global producer. Despite a decrease from that peak, prices remain high due to robust demand for the lightweight metal, which is widely used in packaging and construction.

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