Steelforce Packaging and Evertreen announce reforestation partnership

Steelforce Packaging, a leader in sustainable metal packaging solutions, is unveiling a strategic partnership with Evertreen, a leading platform dedicated to global reforestation initiatives, to mark World Environment Day.

This collaboration is poised to address climate change by planting 5,000 trees globally in 2024 alone, aligning with Steelforce Packaging’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability.

Steelforce Packaging and Evertreen are joining forces to tackle deforestation, a critical environmental issue. Evertreen’s innovative platform allows businesses and individuals to remotely plant real trees and monitor their growth via video and satellite updates. This approach supports reforestation and provides crucial data on the health and development of these trees.

This partnership will see Steelforce Packaging facilitating the planting of trees in multiple countries, with a strong focus in various locations across Central America, Africa and Southeast Asia. These efforts aim to offset CO2 emissions, restore natural habitats, and create job opportunities for local farmers involved in the planting projects.

By leveraging Evertreen’s satellite monitoring platform, Steelforce Packaging and its employees can track the growth, soil health, and overall environmental impact of the reforestation efforts, ensuring transparency and effectiveness.

Reflecting its comprehensive sustainability policy, Steelforce Packaging is dedicated to implementing eco-friendly practices throughout its supply chain. The company’s extensive global experience enables it to set a benchmark for responsible metal trading and packaging.

Davide Padovani, CEO of Steelforce Packaging, emphasised the importance of this initiative: “We see it as our duty as an organisation to drive innovative, sustainable solutions at every stage of the metal packaging supply chain. 

Dan Ciufo, co-founder of Evertreen, shared his excitement for the partnership: “This collaboration shows a significant example of how businesses in the packaging industry can effectively contribute to global environmental goals through innovative and impactful initiatives.”

Steelforce Packaging’s sustainability efforts are evident through initiatives like the Zero Can Project and upcoming collaborations on material recovery projects. These initiatives, along with the new partnership with Evertreen, highlight the company’s role as a pioneer in driving meaningful environmental change.

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