Alupro sponsors LARAC Wales Conference

Alupro, the aluminium packaging recycling organisation, has been announced as the latest sponsor of this year’s LARAC Wales Conference. Taking place on 9 July at the Leonardo Hotel in Cardiff, the event will bring together hundreds of local authority representatives to discuss the key issues around running an efficient waste and recycling service.

Throughout the day, delegates will have the opportunity to discuss Alupro’s award-winning consumer engagement campaigns. Alongside Masters of Infinity and B-influencers, its school-age awareness programmes, the team will shine a spotlight on its MetalMatters initiative.

Specifically designed to boost household metal packaging recycling rates, MetalMatters was first launched in 2012 and has since been adopted by 114 councils across the UK. The programme uses direct communications to drive positive behavioural change, with councils reporting a significant upturn in both the volume and quality of metal packaging collected for recycling. 

Tom Giddings, executive director of Alupro, commented: “Wales currently sits third in the global league table for household recycling performance, reporting a 65% recycling rate and offsetting the release of more than 400,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per annum. While legislation has proven pivotal to achieving this, so too have the numerous initiatives implemented to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and inspire behavioural change – particularly when it comes to difficult to reach audiences.

“Having rolled-out our educational programmes in partnership with hundreds of local authorities across the UK, we know the impact they can achieve, as well as the knock-on effect to recycling volumes. With hundreds of engaged delegates set to descend on Cardiff for the LARAC Wales Conference, we’re looking forward to attending this year’s conference and discussing how we can help councils to further improve their recycling performance.

“While many local authorities will already be aware of our work, we have a number of exciting updates and developments ready to share, alongside the results of our latest campaigns and competitions.”

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