Ball helps produces sanitising solution for covid-19

Ball Aerosol Packaging has been tasked with producing the aluminium packaging solutions for sanitising spray VirusEndUK. The new spray has now been commercialised in the UK.

According to the company’s LinkedIn page, the company said: “Thank you to our sites in Velim (Czech Republic) and Bellegarde (France) who developed and manufactured the cans in record time!” #TeamBall

VirusEnd is reported to be the world’s first and only disinfectant available to consumers that is a full spectrum bactericide and proven to kill the human strain, SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus (Covid-19 virus) to the stringent BSEN:16777 standard.

According to company literature, “VirusEnd Multi Surface DisinfectantSpray is a breakthrough innovation designed to protect individuals from the threat of Coronavirus”.

Developed in conjunction with the British Army, Irusend combines military expertise and a scientifically advanced formulation to support key workers, businesses and the public on the front line of this pandemic.

Commenting, CEO Michael W. Pritchard, MBE, said:

“2020 has seen the rise of a pandemic not witnessed since the Spanish flu of the early 1900’s. This global crisis has created an opportunity for businesses and countries to work together and foster proactive partnerships. I truly believe this is the only way we can successfully tackle this crisis.

“The Second wave is upon us.  Regional lockdowns are causing anger and anxiety.  We need more fire power in the battle to defeat this disease and we need products that actually meet the correct standards.

“Many antibacterial and antiviral sprays currently on the market make misleading claims. Products which are thought to be effective against coronavirus do not meet the correct British and European standards and could be leaving the public and businesses at risk.

“VirusEnd’s point of difference is that it offers a low risk to health and, combined with maximum lethality, proven efficacy, compliance with the correct standards and the very short contact time, delivers an un-matched level of confidence to the user.”

The Metal Packager has approached Ball Aerosol Packaging for comment…

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