BrewDog and BOSH! launches alcohol free vegan beer

BrewDog have collaborated with the vegan chefs from BOSH! to create a new vegan and alcohol free beer this January.

Many people opt to lay off the alcohol in January after indulging over the Christmas period while over the past few years it has become popular to go meat and dairy free in the first month of the year.

Food and drink brands have numerous offerings ranging from vegan burgers, sausage rolls and pizza toppings.

BrewDog and BOSH! have combined both to offer both a vegan and alcohol free product.

Describing the new beer on the BrewDog website, they said: “If you think vegan equals bland and low alcohol equals low taste, think again. 

“We made an awesome vegan beer and left the alcohol out. Brimming with speciality malts and North American hops, bitterness is front and centre. 

“Squeezing this many hops in, and the alcohol out, is this collabs master stroke.”

It is available to buy in four or 12 can packs on the BrewDog website.

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