BrewDog launches beer after Boris Johnson resigns

BrewDog has launched a new beer to mark the resignation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

Johnson resigned as Conservative party leader, and Prime Minister, on Thursday after swathes of his cabinet resigned.

His leadership has been hit by scandal from partygate fines to promoting someone who had sexual assault allegations made against them.

Johnson was a divisive figure, but his popularity had been declining following the various scandals.

Scottish brewer BrewDog said the new drink is a hazy IPA lacking in transparency. It added the beer is ‘soft, fruity, fresh and beautifully balanced and here for a limited time, so don’t expect this beer to outstay its welcome.

Social media followers were asked to pick its name from four options, which also included ‘Resignation Nation’ and ‘Bye Bye Big Dog’, but the winning name chosen was “Boris Lie-PA”.

Lauren Carrol, director of brand & marketing at BrewDog, said: “BrewDog shares the sentiment of the entire nation today; we’re glad to see much-needed change. It’s an occasion we think deserves creating a beer for. Bring on our next ‘work event’.”

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