Pepsi can collector breaks his own Guinness World Record

Italian man Christian Cavaletti has broken the record for largest collection of Pepsi cans.

The Guinness World Records presented Christian with his certificate, with his collection boasting 12,402 cans.

Christian broke the record for the first time in March 2004 with 4,391 Pepsi cans. 

However, his collection was recently recounted in March 2022, almost twenty years after the first record. 

Christian’s collection assembles cans from 81 different countries. 

New, rare and coveted items are often acquired thanks to his many trading partners all over the world, from the USA to Thailand to Australia.

Among the special items in his collection, one can find the very first edition of Pepsi can ever made. 

It dates back to 1948, and its shape is very different from the classic Pepsi can we know nowadays.

He aims to turn his collection into an in-depth exhibit of ‘all things Pepsi cans’.

“More than 15,000 different cans will be displayed, but day by day, the number will increase, making each visit a unique experience, even after several times,” Christian writes on his website.

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