Calvo’s tuna can innovation


Calvo has launched new and innovative tuna packaging that makes it easier for the consumer and better for the environment.

Using its ‘Real Peel’ technology, using Tata Steel’s Protact laminated steel, this can is easier to open and comes out on its own without the need for a fork.

Each can also has less oil but the same amount of tuna meaning its better for the environment.

Calvo announced the news on its website, which said: “At Calvo we have always opted for innovation. That is why it is no coincidence that throughout our history we have remained at the forefront of the canned food market.

“We are facing a new milestone for our brand. The new Vuelca Fácil container will mark a before and after in the canned fish sector. A new way of consuming tuna is born, from now on your tuna comes out on its own.

“Our commitment to innovation has led us to develop Real Peel technology. A revolution both in packaging design and in the entire production process that allows us to offer a new packaging full of advantages.”

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