Joe Biden Inauguration marked with special beer

Joe Biden

Joe Biden became the 46th US President today (20 January) in what was a historic day in America.

Atlas Brew Works commemorated the Inauguration with two special beers.

The first is in honour of Biden and called Amtrak Joe’s Pilsner, which is described as a light and refreshing lager brewed with Saaz and Mt. Hood hops.

The second is named after vice-president Kamala Harris called Madam Veep’s IPA, which is a hoppy and juicy India Pale Ale brewed with Mosaic and Citra hops.

The beers have proved very popular with the first and second batches selling out within minutes and created a third due to the demand – but that also sold out quickly.

The unique artwork on the cans could also be purchased separately as a print.

Donald Trump left the White House today for the final time after serving just a single term as President.

Trump decided not to attend the Inauguration and is the first president not to attend his successor’s event since 1869.

Joe Biden took his oath outside the US Capitol, the same building that was stormed by pro-Trump protesters on 6 January. 

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