Construction begins at new can plant in Kazakhstan


KazAlPack has announced that a new beverage can plant in Kazahkstan is underway

In the city of Shymkent with a population of one million, a new enterprise (cans and ends producing) is being built to meet the needs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which will result in 500-600 million drinks cans produced per year.

The project director commented: “This greenfield project is the first beverage aluminium containers enterprise in Central Asia,” he said. “The renowned American manufacturer Stolle Machinery has been selected as a supplier of one can and one end line.

“KazAlPack is a private company that has the support of the authorities and is leading the course towards import substitution and industrialisation.”

The founders of KazAlPack have many years of experience in the production of alternative packaging and are purposefully working to create a new enterprise.

The scheduled investment for the completion of the first stage of the plant exceeds $50 million.

The construction of the production building is actively underway; at the beginning of 2021, custom-made technological equipment will begin to arrive.

In 2021, KazAlPack will create at least 150 modern jobs; professionals from all over the world will be attracted to train local personnel.

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