BrewDog offer canned water to vaccine centres

BrewDog water

BrewDog has distributed canned water, free of charge, to several vaccination centres.

So far, more than 15 million people in the UK have had the coronavirus jab with the government saying everyone in the top four priority groups has now been offered their first dose.

Vaccination centres have been set up all around the country to distribute the vaccine as quickly, and efficiently, as possible.

But due to safety measures people can’t bring water or use the taps at the sites, according to BrewDog owner James Watt.

The Scottish-based brewer has come up with a solution to which is packaged, plastic free and given out free of charge.

Mr Watt wrote on Twitter: “Several vaccination centres have been in touch requesting packaged water from @BrewDog.

“Due to C-19 safety measures people can’t bring water on site or use the taps.

“They needed a packaged solution. We gave them one which is both free of charge & importantly plastic free too.”

The BrewDog founder had also offered its closed venues as locations to give out the coronavirus vaccine.

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