Hell Energy uses scrap from used beverage cans

Can production at Hell Energy’s subsidiary in Hungary, Quality Pack, has begun with Hydro CIRCAL, aluminium strip which contains a high ratio of post-consumer recycled aluminium from cans.

Since the beginning of the year, 400 tonnes of Hydro CIRCAL have already been delivered. The first cans produced with this material and filled with Hell Energy beverages will be available in stores in mid-February.

The strip supplied by Hydro Rolling for production of can bodies is made of Hydro CIRCAL 75R, which is certified to contain at least 75% aluminium scrap from used beverage cans. This significantly reduces energy consumption in the production phase while maintaining the same quality, importantly, “closing the loop” in can production and recycling.

In July 2020, Hydro Rolling agreed on a strategic partnership with the energy and soft drinks manufacturer HELL ENERGY Group to use high-quality recycled materials in beverage can production. The declared aim of the HELL ENERGY GROUP is to be able to offer the “greenest beverage can in the world,” as the manufacturer announced on the occasion of the signing of the contract.

“This is an important milestone on our journey to supply more and more can material with an ever-smaller environmental footprint,” says Boris Kurth, head of Can Business at Hydro Rolling. “Together with our partner Hell Energy, we are setting a new benchmark in terms of sustainability in the beverage industry.”

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