Carlsberg and Domino’s partnership


Carlsberg Sweden has as partnership with Domino to use their innovative beverage can coding printer.

The brewery selected the Domino F720i Fibre Laser for their two production units in the country with a can line that runs up to 90,000 cans an hour.

It can be a tough environment for the technology to work and maintenance technician at Carlsberg Sweden, Ove Danielsson, explained why they chose the Domino device.

“Carlsberg has two production units in Sweden, Falkenberg and Ramlosa, producing 3 million hectoliters yearly, with a can line that runs 90,000 cans an hour,” he said.

“For this application Carlsberg Sweden selected the Domino F720i fibre laser for its high speed capability and ability to print on beverage cans without using any chemicals or fluids. 

“The laser is in a demanding environment with both water and high humidity, temperature differences in summer and winter. It is important that the laser can manage these conditions, we needed a reliable coding system.”

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