Alcohol-free beer gets new flavour

alcohol-free beer

Russia’s most popular canned alcohol-free beer, Baltika 0, is adding a new fruity flavoured beverage to its range.

The newest additions to their portfolio is the Baltika 0 lime, launched this year. It follows the Baltika 0 Grapefruit – the first fruity AFB taste, which launched in Russia in 2019. 

It is part of the Carlsberg Group and announced the new beverage in a post on LinkedIn.

“Baltika 0 is a big bet for the company and a key value driver. We set an ambitious long term goal to remain the category leader in Russia and to drive the category itself, aiming to double its size in the next 3 years,” says Olga Pulyaeva, Baltika Brand Development Director.

 “We see that in a few years Baltika 0 will stay the main AFB choice in Russia for different consumption occasions with wide range of fruity tastes variety and accelerated core sorts (Lager and Wheat).”

The alcohol-free brews category (AFB) in modern Russia is still narrow compared with European countries – it holds 2.1% of the beer market. But the trend is very promising, and, in 2020, the category grew an astonishing 14%.

The healthy and active lifestyle trend is the main factor for AFB development and the new fruity tastes are helping to source new consumers to the category. 

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