Customised caps available through new e-shop

Pelliconi launched a new e-shop, which offers the possibility of purchasing customisable caps that users can buy online. 

The Italian company has developed a new technology for digital printing on metal caps and has created a dedicated commercial strategy, based mainly on online digital channels.

The technology developed and patented in partnership with the startup SmartJet. 

This solution, already widely used in other sectors, is now also becoming a reality in the world of metal packaging, offering countless opportunities for customisation.

In order to introduce this innovative service to the market, Pelliconi created a new brand, called P•ink. 

This offers the possibility of giving the cap its own personality even for small and medium-sized craft breweries. But not only that, private homebrewers will also have flexibility that was not possible before.

Creating and printing an infinite number of different graphics becomes easily accessible to everyone thanks to this new international e-commerce. Pelliconi has used the startup Deliverti with the creation of its official online sales channel. 

The online platform can be found at

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