National Canned Food Month

National Canned Food Month

February is officially National Canned Food Month.

The Canned Food Information Council originally designated February as National Canned Food Month back in 1987 to break down misconceptions surrounding canned food as being less nutritious than fresh. 

The story of canned food goes back to the French Revolution and Napoleon’s offer of 12,000 francs to anyone who could develop a method of preserving food for his army. 

A Frenchman named Nicolas Appert claimed the prize when he discovered that applying heat to food in sealed glass bottles improved its shelf life. 

The first tin-opener was invented by the English surgical instrument maker Robert Yates in 1855. Early food tins had to be opened with a hammer and chisel. The French army used bayonets.

Nowadays canning has plenty of benefits that include being able to properly-preserve foods while also being great for the environment.

Both aluminium and steel cans are infinitely recyclable.

You can celebrate the month by using #CannedFoodMonth on social media.

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