Responsible Whatr launches in India

responsible whatr

Responsible Whatr is launching spring water in India in aluminium beverage cans made by Ball Corporation, the world’s leading producer of aluminium packaging. 

The canned water is sourced directly from the Himalayas and offers naturally balanced essential minerals.

The eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging is available on Responsible Whatr’s own website and Amazon.

India generates 25,940 tons of plastic waste every day and is the 12th biggest polluter globally, according to the Plastindia Foundation,

Whatr’s newest water brand in cans is a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging and contributes India’s aspiration toward a circular economy.

Aluminium beverage cans supplied by Ball are a naturally sustainable and an eco-friendly choice as aluminium is an infinitely recycled, permanent material. Recycled aluminium saves raw materials, energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Amit Lahoti, managing director of Ball Beverage Packaging in India, said “Aluminium beverage cans are the perfect example of a circular economy as they may be recycled over and over with no loss of quality. They are a solution to plastic pollution and have a much lower carbon footprint as compared to other pack formats.

“A great proof of this is the fact that around 75 percent of all aluminium ever produced in the world is still in use today. 

“Another interesting data point shows that used beverage can be recycled and returned to the shelf within 60 days. 

“This “design for circularity,” combined with high end-of-life economic value, makes recycling of cans viable, and should be the goal if we are to move from a -linear “take-make-waste” society toward a fully circular economy.”

Ankur Chawla, co-founder at Responsible Whatr, said: ”With Responsible Whatr we wanted to create a brand that becomes an epitome of sustainability. It was a natural choice for us to associate with Ball as our packaging partner as they are the world’s largest producers of sustainable aluminium beverage cans. 

“COVID-19 has acted as a catalyst in pushing the cause of moving towards a sustainable society by making intelligent choices. The consumers not only want to know what’s going in their body but also have become environmentally aware and friendly.

“Responsible Whatr is currently present (physically) across six states in India though we serve the nation through online ordering through Responsible Whatr’s own Website or Amazon and by the end of 2021 we want to expand our footprint to more states and have an international presence as well. Also, by the end of 2021, the plan is to increase the portfolio and we will be offering a family of beverages and different SKUs.”

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