First eco-compactor for aluminium cans launched!


An urban waste management project in Genoa, Italy, has seen an eco-compactor installed to aid recycling in the city.

The project, born from the collaboration between Amiu and the Department of Environment of the Municipality of Genoa, initially started with 12 eco-compactors for plastic bottles and bottles. Aluminium cans can also be delivered to this new location in the historic centre, thanks to the collaboration with CIAL and the European initiative “Every Can Counts”.

The number of eco-compactors in Genoa has risen to 13, confirming itself as the first city in Italy for the presence of machines in every municipality. 

The new eco-compactor, at the service of the Historic Center and the Porto Antico area, has a novelty compared to the 12 machines already present in Genoa: in addition to the delivery of bottles and plastic packaging, it also allows the collection of aluminum cans – the result of collaboration with CIAL, thus increasing the possibility of collecting points faster to obtain discounts and coupons from the commercial network participating in the PlasTiPremia project, the project started in November by Amiu Genova and the Municipality of Genoa, in collaboration with Ilc-Istituto Ligure per il Consumption and Corepla.

Gennaro Galdo, a CIAL Local Communication contact commented: “Activating a specific collection for beverage cans means, for us at CIAL, offering the citizens of Genoa an additional tool that goes beyond separate waste collection than in our country, as regards aluminum, it already has excellent results in itself. In Italy, we have actually already exceeded the European recycling targets for aluminum packaging, set for 2030 at 60%. 

“This new experience in Genoa, allows us to tell a European project involving 19 countries, to which Italy joined in 2019: Every Can Counts (in Italy: Every Can Vale), which promotes the collection and recycling of aluminium cans outside the home, on the street or at work, in parks, beaches and gardens, or during major cultural and sporting events.”

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