X2 Performance partners with Hudson Worldwide to source aluminium cans

X2 Performance

X2 Performance has partnered with Morristown, NJ-based Hudson Worldwide to source its aluminium can needs for its fast-growing line of natural energy drink products. 

X2 Performance is a rapidly growing natural sports supplement and natural energy drink brand backed by NBA All-Star Kawhi Leonard and Super Bowl Champion Lavonte David, and is used by hundreds of pro athletes. X2 has been vetted by the most rigorous gatekeepers in professional sports and is widely used by pro teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL. 

Hudson Worldwide is a leader in the aluminum industry in the US. X2 selected Hudson to use its global relationships, purchasing power and special resources to source X2’s needs.

“We are excited to be working with X2 Performance on this project as their recent growth is truly impressive,” said Hudson Worldwide Founder/CEO Keith Bracci. “Due to the shift from people drinking more cans vs. ‘off the tap’ due to COVID-19 and the largest beverage companies controlling most of the global aluminium supply, many smaller players are now facing the possibility of being unable to produce their products. Hudson Worldwide is proud to partner with X2 to provide high-quality aluminium cans to fuel their customers helping to solve X2’s aluminium can supply dilemma.”

“With a growing brand, the last thing you want to tell your customers is that you can’t fulfil their inventory needs,” said X2 Performance CEO Mark French. “Solving the aluminium can shortage challenge has been a top priority. With Hudson Worldwide’s expertise, X2 is poised to continue our rapid growth.”

X2 products use a patented combination of clean ingredients, scientifically proven to deliver sustained performance through the generation and regeneration of ATP (a natural molecule the body uses to provide energy). 

X2 recently launched nationally with CVS, GNC.com, Amazon and Subway. With its rapid growth and high demand from retailers, X2 was challenged with sourcing sufficient aluminum cans, which are in short supply worldwide. 

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