Krones introduce multipurpose filler


Krones has introduced its Barifll Canto machine that can fill cans and glass bottles.

The Barifill Canto is a true all-rounder when it comes to filling beer, wine or carbonated soft drinks and is specialised in the low output range up to a maximum of 16,000 containers per hour.

The heart of the filler is an innovative filling valve. Kosme has taken the best features of existing Modulfill series filling systems and combined them into a single valve. 

The valve is equipped with a level probe for filling glass bottles and a volumetric system with an inductive flow meter for cans. 

The combination of the two systems in a single filling valve makes for enormous time savings when switching between container types. 

The new valve can be automatically adjusted to a new fill level or volume when switching between cans and bottles or different container sizes. 

As an option, a rinser that likewise accommodates both cans and bottles and various container sizes without any manual adjustments can be integrated directly upstream of the infeed into the Barifill Canto.

The necessary container sealer(s) are integrated into the filler. Glass bottles are transferred directly into a Kosme crowner. As an option, a sealer for roll-on aluminum caps or corks can also be incorporated. 

For cans, the Krones Modulseam seamer delivers outstanding hygiene, fast changeovers, and ease of operation. 

An integrated closed-loop oil lubrication system significantly reduces maintenance requirements.

Barifill Canto is perfectly suited for small producers who want the greatest possible flexibility for their operations. 

It does beer, CSDs, and sparkling wines in a variety of can types and sizes. It also handles glass bottles – both classic wine bottles and the long-neck bottles used for beer and CSDs. 

Filling temperatures range from 2 to 16 degrees Celsius for cans or glass alike. Filling speeds depend on the product and individual configuration and range from 1,200 glass bottles or 2,500 cans per hour on the smallest layout to 9,500 glass bottles or 16,000 cans per hour on the biggest setup.

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