Lidl introduce deposit return scheme

Lidl has introduced a deposit return scheme trial at selected stores in Scotland.

The Scottish Government is expected to proceed with a nationwide rollout of the scheme, although that could be delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The budget supermarket unveiled the recycling stations at four stores including Hamilton, Edinburgh Granton, Glasgow Yoker and Dundee city centre.

Lidl then plan to roll it out to all 105 of its stores in Scotland by July 2022.

Ross Millar, Lidl’s director for Scotland, said: “This is a huge milestone for Lidl, and one we have been working towards for several years. We’ve made a significant investment to install large scale, contactless, user-friendly and future-proofed machines for our valued customers. 

“This initiative reinforces our commitment to sustainability, enables our shoppers to redeem money to spend in-store and supports the Scottish Government in reaching its waste reduction targets.  

“The trial will help consumers get to grips with these recycling stations, the first of their kind in the GB, by showcasing the benefits and ease of using them. We look forward to rolling out the best performing solutions to all of our Scotland stores in the year ahead.”

Undamaged empty bottles and cans originally purchased in Lidl can be returned to dedicated recycling stations at selected stores where shoppers will be rewarded a redeemable voucher.

Included in the recycling scheme are undamaged soda bottles and cans, water bottles, wine bottles, beer bottles and all aluminium cans, each worth 10p, with a maximum voucher value of £2.50, redeemable to spend back in the store.

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