Hydro welcome antidumping duties


Hydro welcomed the European Commission’s announcement of its intention to impose provisional antidumping duties on a selection of aluminium flat rolled products originating in China.

Following a complaint lodged in June 2020 by European Aluminium, the Commission opened in August 2020 an antidumping investigation. 

The investigation covers aluminium common sheet, plates and thin gauge/fin stock originating in China.

The European Commission has now found that the products under investigation have indeed been sold in the EU market at prices below the normal value, and that this dumping has caused injury to European producers. 

Therefore, the Commission has pre-disclosed on March 15 its intention to impose provisional antidumping duties ranging between 19.6% and 47.3%.

“The European Commission’s decision to impose provisional antidumping duties on Chinese flat rolled products comes as a welcomed corrective measure, aiming to restore fair competition and a level playing field in the European Union market,” said Einar Glomnes, Hydro’s Executive Vice President and Head of Hydro Rolling.

The provisional duties are expected to enter into force by mid-April 2021, but the European Commission’s investigation will continue. 

The final decision will be made public by mid-October 2021. At that point, the tariffs may be confirmed as definitive, modified or removed. If confirmed, the tariffs are normally in place for five years.

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