Hydro to product zero carbon aluminium in 2022


Hydro has planned to deliver its first commercial volumes of near-zero carbon aluminium in 2022. 

“The world needs a green transition to fight climate change. This is both our most important challenge and our biggest opportunity. The world must reduce its carbon emissions and I am excited to announce Hydro’s ambition to deliver the first commercial volumes of near-zero carbon aluminium already in 2022,” says President and CEO Hilde Merete Aasheim.

The ambition to deliver near-zero carbon aluminium in 2022 will come from the use of more recycled post-consumer aluminium scrap. The ambition is to deliver its first commercial volumes of aluminium with 0.5-1 kg CO2/kg aluminium, through the value chain, already next year. This is a significant improvement, compared with the current 2.3 kg CO2/kg aluminium in Hydro CIRCAL extrusion ingot with 75% post-consumer aluminium scrap.

The production capacity for near-zero carbon aluminium will be developed in line with market demand for this near zero-carbon aluminium.

Hydro is also developing solutions for carbon-free aluminium. The aim is to have this available by 2030 and efforts are concentrated along three main pathways to zero.

Hydro also announced its commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 or earlier.

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