Massilly to install new metal decorating press


Massilly North America will install a new metal decorating press supplied by Koenig & Bauer at its headquarters in Brantford, Ontario.

Massilly provide twist caps, easy open ends, capping machinery and related services to the food and beverage industry and a variety of other packaging manufacturers throughout Canada, the USA, Mexico and South America.

“We service a wide range of customers in Canada, the U.S., and Central/South America from small local gourmet jam and sauce producers, to national co-packers of products like pasta sauces, salsas and pickles, all the way to major multinational distributors and brands,” says Garnet Lasby, president of Massilly North America. 

“To support our recent and future growth we required additional capacity and turned to the MetalStar 3. We have other Koenig & Bauer equipment in the facility already, which is running quite well. 

“Last year, the Massilly Group installed a multicolour MetalStar 3 in a facility in Western Europe. It is very similar to the one we are installing so we are familiar with the high performance of the line.”

The new MetalStar press, which will be installed at the firm’s 250,000 sq ft facility, will handle the bulk of Massilly’s printing work, according to Lasby.

The advanced sheet transfer technology allows for superior registration, and therefore the highest printing quality at the fastest speed and largest sheet sizes.

The faster throughput, auto wash and automated plate changes will allow the firm to improve its turnaround time for printed orders, which will be a direct benefit to its customers.

Massilly’s impressive growth continues to come from customers who are moving away from plastic single use packaging into metal and glass for environmental reasons.

Unlike plastic, metal is 100% recyclable to source infinitely. In fact, Massilly’s metal caps get recycled to make new metal caps with no degradation to the steel.

This move into metal closures also allows for multicolour decoration, unlike on plastic closures, allowing brands to differentiate on the shelf.

Glass jars with highly decorated closures are still seen as a premium package, and with the environmental benefits Massilly expects to see even more demand for metal printing.

“Koenig & Bauer MetalPrint is the world leader in metal sheet printing equipment,” says Lasby. “When we installed our first Koenig & Bauer line the timing was very critical and the installation by Koenig & Bauer’s team went exactly to the project plan. 

“Our representative Sam Pernice and the U.S. offices of Koenig & Bauer have been very responsive to our requirements and we are looking forward to working with them on this important upcoming installation.”

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