Brazil among world leaders in aluminium can recycling


Brazil remain among the world leaders in aluminium can recycling despite difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The country reported that 97.4% of aluminium cans were recycled – a reported 391,500 tonnes or approximately 31 billion units were recycled in 2020. 

The recycling index was presented by ABAL (Brazilian Aluminum Association) and Abralatas (Brazilian Association of Aluminum Can Manufacturers) to the Ministry of the Environment (MMA). 

Alfredo Veiga, director of Metals at Novelis and coordinator of the Recycling Committee of ABAL said: “The data show how solid the can recycling structure in Brazil is. And how our investments in our own collection and recycling centres generate significant results. 

“The sector maintained its operations within safe standards, contributing to the preservation of the environment and the generation of jobs and income for thousands of families.”

In November 2020, the associations signed the “Term of Commitment for Reverse Logistics of Aluminum Cans for Drinks” with the Ministry to maintain the recycling rate of cans at the level of 95%.

Cátilo Cândido, executive president of Abralatas, said: “We are the third largest worldwide market for aluminium cans. In 2020 we reached almost 32 billion cans consumed in Brazil and, even so, we kept the index above 97%. 

“It is the consolidation of the market and consumer choice for aluminium cans as the most suitable packaging for different drinks and the most sustainable. This context places the Tin sector in a world standard of excellence in Circular Economy.”

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