BrewDog re-use cans destined for bin


Scottish brewer BrewDog has released a new beer using cans that would otherwise be destined for the bin.

Their Ellon HQ is one of the most technically advanced breweries in the world, which includes a state-of-the-art canning line.

BrewDog aim to become carbon neutral by 2022 and recently announced plans to invest in a £14million on-site bioplant.

BrewDog are taking further steps to try and reduce their waste by using cans that would otherwise had been thrown away and fill them with a 3.8% Helles

CEO and founder James Watt wrote on LinkedIn: “Due to the nature of the can printing process, almost a billion perfectly good cans are wasted every year.

“As part of our journey to become a zero waste business, we are saving the cans that would otherwise be wasted.

“Say hello to MEGA a brand new beer in a trash can.”

The MEGA Trash Can lager is priced at £4.25 for four cans and can be purchased from the BrewDog website.

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