APEAL welcome new member

APEAL, the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging, has welcomed its sixth member, Genoa-based Acciaiere d’Italia.

Viliam Gašpar, President of APEAL, said: “Adding Acciaiere d’Italia to our members represents a significant step in the drive to strengthen our industry, drive growth and improve the wider understanding of steel as a sustainable packaging solution.

“As Italy’s largest steel producer I have no doubt they will be invaluable in our promotion of steel for packaging’s unique properties that contribute directly to its excellent recycling performance and ability to preserve food.”

Alessandro Tassinari, Packaging Sales General Manager at Acciaiere d’Italia, said: “APEAL shares our commitment to highlighting steel as a sustainable and resource efficient packaging solution as we move to a circular economy.

“This is an exciting move for us, and I’m confident our membership will mean we can contribute positively to the development of EU policy related to steel for packaging.”

Through its coordinated activities in public affairs and communications, as well as environmental and technical initiatives, APEAL works to ensure support for steel for packaging from policy-makers, brands, packaging manufacturers and retailers as a tried, tested and sustainable packaging solution.

With its new enlarged membership, uniting all the producers of steel for packaging in Europe, APEAL aims to deliver a stronger voice for steel packaging in Brussels and increased sustainability and innovation activities for the industry as a whole.

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